Budi (Guitar & Keys)
Enda (Drum & Programs) endaaditya endaaditya

OVERTIME formed by Enda and Budi. With their previous band, they used to perform for live events, local television programs and radio for more than 6 years, and also released 7 singles independently since 2011. After their previous band broke up, Enda and Budy re-hit music world with OVERTIME in 2017. With fresh ideas of "light alternative creative" as the power. In 2018, Shandy joined OVERTIME for a short time until 2019 and released a single called New Story. In 2019 Tenggeng joined for a very short time. In early 2020, Iman officially joined to complete OVERTIME as a three piece band. We bring fresh music from home to your ear. 

As the sign of our re-debut we've created a new song "New Story" that will please your ears and make you shake your body from head to toe.

From early morning, to the latest night. We will always entertain you,  our musics are ready to work OVERTIME.