Tenggeng, born with the name as Rizky Fadhlilah in Palangka Raya on 9 November 1997. His talent in  arts came from his father who loves to sing and also from his grandfather who was indeed an artist of his time. For man of Scorpion, he influenced by few bands, call them like Slank, One Ok Rock, 30 Second to Mars, Nirvana, Queen. Since he was a little, he loved music eventhough he couldn't play any musical instrument. The singing talent he discovered when he decided to go to religious school in Martapura. Funny thing, he wasn't become 'religious person', but he became more mischievous kid. But slowly his confidence started to gaining there, eventhough in middle school he was very shy, he was a shy kid back then, for real. Beside singing, this guy is also interested to literature. His favorite book is 'Aku' by Chairil Anwar. The quote he loves the most is 'Aku ini binatang jalang dari kumpulannya yang terbuang' (I am filthy animal from wasted group). He used to want to write a novel, but it still unfinished until he started to study in college and playing in a band. He still studying in faculty of social and politic science in his college with his activity in art studio and go to live music performance to knows how local scene works. Yup, nothing special, he just wanna say 'I wanna be a Rockstar' while wating for a girl who can be asked for a date. Till now, he hasn't been in relationship. He's bad at relationship, but he is selfproclaimed romantic.

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